Mobile Road – NZ GPS and Road information at your fingertips

May 2, 2017

Mobile Road: Mobile Road is a free collaborative app hosted at Auckland Motorways. It offers the following features: Converting your smart phone GPS location to the location on the nearest centreline i.e. Route Position on the road or railway KM peg. – This is extremely useful for STMS’ for exact TSL locations. Capturing inspection data […]

Evolution Traffic – Our Fleet

March 2, 2017

Evolution Fleet General manager Chris Kerr discusses how the combination of safety, reliability and carrying capacity make Fuso Canter and Fighter autos the trucks of choice for Evolution Traffic.    

TC (Traffic Controller) Course Explained

October 20, 2016

TC (Traffic Controller) Course Explained   See below for our new website and how to easily book and pay online. Who should attend: Anybody who is looking to carry out TTM duties on state highways or local roads is required to have a TC qualification. Will be working underneath an STMS as a Manual Traffic […]

What is CoPTTM?

October 10, 2016

CoPTTM is the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management “This is the standard reference for all temporary traffic management on state highways and local roads. It includes levels of temporary traffic management, signs and forms used, and a series of sample traffic management plans.” – NZTA For more information on CoPTTM: Link To download […]