Mobile Road – NZ GPS and Road information at your fingertips

May 2, 2017

Mobile Road:

Mobile Road is a free collaborative app hosted at Auckland Motorways. It offers the following features:

  • Converting your smart phone GPS location to the location on the nearest centreline i.e. Route Position on the road or railway KM peg. – This is extremely useful for STMS’ for exact TSL locations.
  • Capturing inspection data and photographs on mobile devices and desktop reporting tools to analyse the data
  • Finding and viewing useful information about roads:
    • Level
    • Width
    • Seal
    • Road ID
  • Data from:
    • Councils (e.g. Auckland Transport)
    • NZTA state highway database
    • Kiwirail
  • It can be used on a PC or a smart phone
    • The features are slightly limited on smart phones and work best when you are in the location you require information on.
    • Mobile Road on a computer allows you to navigate around New Zealand, select different map layers and quickly find information during the planning process.
  • Mobile Road has full instructions on the website to download to a smart phone or use on a computer.