Evolution Road Services has aided us to complete work with some peace of mind. Having their STMS on site has made the work safer, helping to fulfill our goals for each job.
The investment in Evolution Road Services is well worth it- they are reliable and always sourcing new work. Evolution Road Services management aims to please.


Design Estimator: Mark October

Macrennie Commercial Construction Ltd have been using Evolution Road Services as their preferred traffic management company since 2007. Andrew’s ability to see outside the square, adaptability, professionalism and safety consciousness is reflected throughout the entire Evolution team (from office to road). We choose Evolution Road Services because their service delivery is consistent and hassle free, staff are intelligent, friendly, effective and efficient.

Macrennie Commercial Construction

Project Manager: Bryce Caldwell

Andrew and his team have the ability to resolve whatever traffic related matters we encounter during the course of our developments. Providing traffic management expertise, obtaining Local Government approvals, meeting deadlines, and safely managing traffic control and are all part of the efficient Evolution Road Services package, which is highly valued by Mansons.

Mansons TCLM Ltd

Planning and Consents Manager: Jaye Moon

My working relationship with Andrew and his team at Evolution Road Services is because of their professional manner, appearance and delivery of their work, be it on site or design.

I believe Andrew to be one of Auckland’s top STMS’s and his team very able, I have had this confirmed on more than one occasion by others.

I have no hesitation in recommending Evolution Road Services to anyone.


Traffic & Roading, Contracts Manager Gas: Phil Melvin

Ironman by its nature is a substantial traffic management undertaking. Our relationship with Evolution Road Services ensures we can concentrate on delivering other aspects of the event while we have full confidence in the standards and planning that Evolution have in place with regards to management of our traffic management and suppression requirements.

We believe Evolution Road Services are the country’s leading Traffic solution provider. The team have the experience to bring more to your event that just traffic management solution. They are solution-focused and are dedicated to achieving the best result for you and your stakeholders. The team have strong relationship with many key stakeholders not only in the Auckland region and work tireless behind the scenes to bring innovative solutions to life.

Evolution provides an all-inclusive service far exceeding expectations from a Traffic Management Company. They are considered very much part of our team and work with us, not for us. The team have huge pride in the service they deliver and work in unison with us and other key stakeholders to ensure our events are not only successful but are considered world class.


Event Director: Janette Blyth

Evolution Road Services continues to be our preferred traffic management company because of the positive approach they bring to every race, this company has a real knack for looking outside the square and coming up with cost effective, efficient solutions! The director, a safety specialist and cyclist himself fully appreciates the dangers a cycle event can present to our athletes, Andrew brings so much more to our events than the average traffic management company. Evolution Road Services is RELIABLE, SAFE, EXPERTS in their field (especially where safety is concerned).

Cyco Criterium Series

Lance Maitland

Evolution Road Services has been responsible for running the traffic management for Round the Bays since 2005. They have certainly proven to be a one stop shop for our event (providing advisory signs, traffic management plans, parking resolutions-installation and removal, race marshals, staff and vehicles on site ensuring traffic flow moves efficiently along all diverted routes, attending Auckland City Council event meetings) freeing up my team to focus on the job at hand, fulfilling the expectations of the athletes on the day. Evolution Road Services’ director, Andrew Seavill has a strong background in safety, this definitely adds value to the manner in which this company pre considers potential traffic/hazard risk to Round the Bays athletes and general commuter efficiency. Staff are always professional, extremely friendly and pro active, I would have no hesitation in recommending Evolution Road Services’ services to another event organizer.

Round the Bays

Elizabeth Leitch

Evolution Road Services is our preferred supplier because they are professional in the delivery of their service and we have confidence in their traffic solutions. Safety and customer service is their priority.

The Patter Ltd - NZ Ironman and Real Duathlon

Director: Jane Patterson

Evolution Road Services has provided Traffic management support for the Eden Park Trust Board for the past 5 years. They are an essential partner in all events that take place at the Stadium. The quality of their planning and delivery is outstanding. Of particular note is the ‘can do’ attitude of their staff on the ‘road’. With changes that have occurred over the last 12 months, the team from Evolution Road Services has made a significant contribution to the challenging landscape that is Eden Park. Would I do an Event without Evolution Road Services? The clear answer is no.

Eden Park Trust Board

Operations Manager: John Strawbridge

For the past 5 years I have been contracted by all the major production companies in Auckland as a location manager for various shoots. During this time I have used Evolution Road Services to provide me with all my Traffic Management requirements.

The service they have provided pre-shoot, during the shoot and post shoot have always been outstanding and they have gone the extra mile in organising and maintaining safety standards for me and my fellow ‘Filmo’s’ during this time.

Film work is never a straight forward operation with numerous departments within the film shoot all operating at the same time. Evolution Road Services have proved time and time again that they are specialists in what they do. With experienced operators they are able to provide a service which incorporates all the individual needs of each department and maintain an environment that is safe to work in which is crucial for film work.

Location Manager

Gavin Dennis

Evolution Road Services Saves the Day!

Location Scouting & Management

Harry Harrison

Evolution Road Services has developed a great understanding of the needs of the film industry and has always worked hard to find traffic management solutions that maintain safety and compliance whilst retaining the flexibility required to work with film crews.

Location Scouting & Management

Jacob McIntyre

Don’t even try shooting in Auckland without Evolution Road Services. One sleeps easier knowing Evolution Road Services is on the job. The dedication, the service, they just take it a step further… and it shows in every job.

Batch Film

Brad Avery

Evolution Road Services has a very good understanding of the film industry. They also have a very good relationship with local government. This assists us no end when obtaining consents for film shoots.

Film location manager & scout

Clayton Tikao